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Heaven’s Ambassadors

This weekend I had a great time doing what I love to do – BBQ! We competed in a BBQ competition with some of the greatest cooks in the country – and I got a good south Georgia whoopin’. While that part was not fun, it made me see that you can’t just up and compete after a 2 year hiatus and expect to get anywhere near a competitive score much less any money or trophies! To win at professional BBQ you have to be willing to put in extra time, money, and YES- calories to practice practice practice until you get something worth someone talking about. Just because you think it’s good doesn’t mean that you are going to have your own Food Network show the next week! Professional BBQ is subjective. It is based on what a chosen group of 6 people at an assigned table thinks about your food. There are certainly just going to be times that you do everything you knew to do and yet still fail miserably at awards time. I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman this weekend that was assigned the spot beside me in the contest. I would only know him a short while, but in the small amount of time we were there, he was nice and gracious to allow me to try some of his competition food- including his chicken that he went on to win 1st place out of 72 teams with a perfect score! We joked during turn in that “hey – they changed the turn in spot to the campground down the road” and “they just said we are supposed to turn the boxes in upside down” and just had a fun time enjoying what we both loved to do. Shortly after the awards ceremony, that gentleman returned to his site to pack up to leave for home and went into cardiac arrest. He died shortly thereafter and I found myself faced with a hard reality: That gentleman was at that moment forever ushered out into eternity – where was he? In all the fun and camaraderie of competitive BBQ talk- why didn’t I ask him about his relationship with God when I had the opportunity? I was ashamed to face the fact that it is so easy to talk to total strangers about BBQ yet keep our mouth shut when prompted by the spirit to share Christ. We are Heaven’s Ambassadors! It is so easy to become lazy in our walk with Christ and comfortable with the fact that we have been blood bought and redeemed and have our place in Glory secure. A man that took time to share some BBQ tips with me to help me get better at my craft just the day before was now dead! What is also sad is that I wasn’t moved enough to share with him the greatest information of all – that there is a risen Savior for sinners like us who loves us and wants us to be reconciled to God so that we can one day spend eternity in Glory. Apart from that gentleman, only God knows his relationship to Christ and where he is at this moment. What a sobering thing to know that we may very well be the last testimony of Christ to someone on this earth at any given time on any given day. Have we became so cold and callous that the reality of Hell no longer moves us to speak to a dying world about a Living Savior?

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