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Life Changes

This week I am taking a break and taking our oldest son up to Liberty University for College for a Weekend, or “CFAW” as they like to call it.  We drove up from South Georgia, leaving at 3am and arriving about 12 hours later due to a 2 hour hold up in Atlanta for a traffic accident.  Even with the bad traffic, I realized that it was a special day- just my oldest son and I in a car for hours.  We enjoyed talking about different things, laughed, and even shared a little road rage together LOL.  It was something that I will always have as a memory and remember warmly for years to come.  No computers, internet, etc. to bother us- just an open road (most of the time) and conversation.  Nothing ground shaking happened- we didn’t solve the world’s problems, he didn’t have a miraculous decision on a major, I didn’t learn patience while driving- we just enjoyed being together as Father and Son.  We arrived and went through check-in and I helped carry his things to his dorm room he will be sharing for the weekend with some current Liberty students.  Up to this time, it had not really settled in that this is a dress rehearsal for a few months down the road when I will do this for real.  My wife and I will drive our son to college- not for a weekend- but for a new chapter in life in which we will continue as a divided family.  He will stay and pursue the calling God has put on his life and we will return to our home to continue to raise the other 2 sons that God has put in our care and trust.  It’s exciting, it’s stressful, it’s scary, it’s sad- it’s life.  As I walked away and left him yesterday I realized he is becoming the young Godly man that we have prayed for all our lives.  I left a man desiring to get a glimpse of his future in a few months, Lord willing.  A man that desires to follow God and know His will.  A man that is more interested in the facts of God’s Word and promises than the fallacy of the world.  I am a proud father- and I give all glory and honor to Jesus Christ who hold us all in His hand.  Sunday I will pick him up and we will begin our trip back home after spending the night with our friends.  I don’t know what the future holds for my son, but I do know my heavenly Father does and He is in charge of it.  What a relief it is to know all of this is out of our hands.  All I have to do is look forward to the days ahead and the drive home.


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