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This week I will be teaching on Apathy in Sunday School, and it has really caused me to stop and think about how easily we are sidelined in the cause of Christ. It is a constant and daily battle to keep our minds focused on the reality of our position in this world and what is to be gained or lost for all of eternity. This thought was reinforced at Prayer Meeting last night when, again, the topic was that of our society and how complacent and lackluster we as Christians have become in America. Things that use to move us with great zeal and compassion now at best raise a spiritual eyebrow only to sink back down into the boggy religious quagmire we now find ourselves living in. It seems that everyone you speak to is “saved” yet why are our families, communities, and churches decaying all around us? It is a challenge for all of us to remember daily the ultimate reason for our drawing breath each day- to worship God and bring honor and glory to Him! What better way to do that than to lead a life that is reflective of Christ’s teachings and actions? Go tell someone today!


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Family Outing in St Marks!

We had a great visit this past weekend to St Marks and the preserve! We enjoyed walking on the beach, seeing the many beautiful animals and the old historic lighthouse. So many beautiful things around us put us in constant reminder of God and His love for us and His creation. We didn’t see any bears, jaguars, or other elusive things- but we did get a big laugh at the visitor’s center when we read someone logged into the journal there that they saw a “skunk ape”. We also made a quick stop at Wakulla Springs but this is definitely a stop for warmer weather! We hope to go back real soon!
Lighthouse at St. Marks

Beautiful beach

Boys on a beach

Comin' in

Hanging out

Wakulla Springs

Soakin' up the sun

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Very informative website!

The Fundamental Top 500

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God’s Creation

It was a very cool morning for Southwest Georgia this morning!  My wife and I sat on the dock admiring God’s creation in the warm sunshine.  Woodpeckers, sparrows, cardinals, squirrels all busy gathering and feeding.  What a great reminder about God’s awesome power, grace, and love for us!  To know that He cares even for the sparrows should make us feel emboldened to approach his throne as an adopted child on a regular basis.  The fruit trees throughout our yard are now entering the window of time for pruning so that we can get an abundant supply of delicious things in the fall!  It made me think of my spiritual growth and the need for “pruning” out the dead places in my walk with Christ and nurturing growth through the reading and meditation on God’s Word.  Unlike an annual chore for the fruit trees, as Christians we should be “pruning” on a constant basis- getting rid of unwanted sprouts of bitterness, jealousy, hatred, and other carnal snares.  We should all commit to that spiritual “pruning” today and see what God can do in our lives!

The backyard view from my writing desk.  God's wonderful, beautiful creation!

Looking out our office window at God’s beautiful creation!

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Happy New Year!

We have made it to 2015!  Wow… it seems like just yesterday we had started 2014, but time continues to move forward.  So many things in the world today make me wonder- how much longer until Christ’s return?  The news is constantly alive with hate and lies aimed at Israel and in America we continue to decline as we drift as a nation further from God and His Word.  So- is there a positive outlook?  Of course!  We have yet another year to proclaim the good news of the Gospel and to let God’s Word shine through us and our lives every day.  Whether at work, home, school, or anywhere in between, we have the opportunity — the obligation— to represent our King.

It is also a time of year for resolutions.  I am horrible with resolutions!  But what better time in our lives than now to choose to make changes to have a greater impact for Christ and His Kingdom?  All of our victories in life must be based on the foundation of the preparation made through His Word.  We should decide and commit to spend that necessary preparation time daily in His Word and in prayer.  What soldier can truly go forth and battle successfully for a commander to which he has not given an earnest ear and attentive spirit to know the battle plan?

We all fall short daily of accomplishing all we are capable of with time management, prayer, and preparation through the Spirit.  No one likes to hear that their priorities are not in order — especially me!  But— are our priorities truly in order?  As we start 2015- are we doing what is necessary to accomplish every task that is humanly possible by our part, so that God can move in those areas that only He is sovereign?

Happy New Year!  What a great thought as we enter another year that brings us closer to the return of our Savior!

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Personal Missions – That means me!

This week, while preparing for teaching a Sunday School lesson, I have been reflecting on the importance of missions in the life of every Christian.  We recently had a missions conference at our church and it was a great experience.  Using that as a spring board, I had written my lesson and at the end, I finished with an acronym that I wanted to share below.  While I wrote this  out myself, I am sure that credit goes to many other similar acronyms I have read and speakers I have heard over the years.  It is most likely a compilation of them all.  In any case, I was wanting something that helped keep me focus every day on what my calling is as a redeemed Child of the King!  I used the words, “PRAY DAILY”:

P Pray every day with focus on personal and spiritual matters.
R Read God’s Word every day expecting to get something out of it!
A Acknowledge all sin in your life and repent.
Y Yield to God’s calling on your life.

D Discern the situations around you in your daily interactions with people.
A Ask God for opportunities to share the Gospel.
I Invest in people! Look for opportunities to grow relationships.
L Love people as Christ would love them. Compassion and Mercy in every circumstance.
Y Yield to the leading of the Spirit! Be available to be used!

That’s it! It’s simple, but I’m a simple person! I hope it can help keep me focused and maybe it will be a blessing to others as well.

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Missions – For Everyone!

We are having a Missions Conference at our church this week.  As I have listened to the messages, the missionaries, the programs, one thing has been made very evident to me.  Missions is not just a few people being called to go with the Gospel.  Missions is a command placed on every believer by God!  Our part in missions is certainly varied, yet all are called to help disperse God’s wonderful plan of Salvation across the Globe.  As one speaker put it so plainly last night- there are 3 responses to the call of missions on the Believer’s life:  (1)You can GO! If you can’t go, then (2)You can help SEND!  And sadly, if you don’t do either of these, then (3)You can live in disobedience to God’s Word.  So what part are you willing to play in the call?

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