This week I will be teaching on Apathy in Sunday School, and it has really caused me to stop and think about how easily we are sidelined in the cause of Christ. It is a constant and daily battle to keep our minds focused on the reality of our position in this world and what is to be gained or lost for all of eternity. This thought was reinforced at Prayer Meeting last night when, again, the topic was that of our society and how complacent and lackluster we as Christians have become in America. Things that use to move us with great zeal and compassion now at best raise a spiritual eyebrow only to sink back down into the boggy religious quagmire we now find ourselves living in. It seems that everyone you speak to is “saved” yet why are our families, communities, and churches decaying all around us? It is a challenge for all of us to remember daily the ultimate reason for our drawing breath each day- to worship God and bring honor and glory to Him! What better way to do that than to lead a life that is reflective of Christ’s teachings and actions? Go tell someone today!

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