God’s Creation

It was a very cool morning for Southwest Georgia this morning!  My wife and I sat on the dock admiring God’s creation in the warm sunshine.  Woodpeckers, sparrows, cardinals, squirrels all busy gathering and feeding.  What a great reminder about God’s awesome power, grace, and love for us!  To know that He cares even for the sparrows should make us feel emboldened to approach his throne as an adopted child on a regular basis.  The fruit trees throughout our yard are now entering the window of time for pruning so that we can get an abundant supply of delicious things in the fall!  It made me think of my spiritual growth and the need for “pruning” out the dead places in my walk with Christ and nurturing growth through the reading and meditation on God’s Word.  Unlike an annual chore for the fruit trees, as Christians we should be “pruning” on a constant basis- getting rid of unwanted sprouts of bitterness, jealousy, hatred, and other carnal snares.  We should all commit to that spiritual “pruning” today and see what God can do in our lives!

The backyard view from my writing desk.  God's wonderful, beautiful creation!

Looking out our office window at God’s beautiful creation!

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