Happy New Year!

We have made it to 2015!  Wow… it seems like just yesterday we had started 2014, but time continues to move forward.  So many things in the world today make me wonder- how much longer until Christ’s return?  The news is constantly alive with hate and lies aimed at Israel and in America we continue to decline as we drift as a nation further from God and His Word.  So- is there a positive outlook?  Of course!  We have yet another year to proclaim the good news of the Gospel and to let God’s Word shine through us and our lives every day.  Whether at work, home, school, or anywhere in between, we have the opportunity — the obligation— to represent our King.

It is also a time of year for resolutions.  I am horrible with resolutions!  But what better time in our lives than now to choose to make changes to have a greater impact for Christ and His Kingdom?  All of our victories in life must be based on the foundation of the preparation made through His Word.  We should decide and commit to spend that necessary preparation time daily in His Word and in prayer.  What soldier can truly go forth and battle successfully for a commander to which he has not given an earnest ear and attentive spirit to know the battle plan?

We all fall short daily of accomplishing all we are capable of with time management, prayer, and preparation through the Spirit.  No one likes to hear that their priorities are not in order — especially me!  But— are our priorities truly in order?  As we start 2015- are we doing what is necessary to accomplish every task that is humanly possible by our part, so that God can move in those areas that only He is sovereign?

Happy New Year!  What a great thought as we enter another year that brings us closer to the return of our Savior!

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