Personal Missions – That means me!

This week, while preparing for teaching a Sunday School lesson, I have been reflecting on the importance of missions in the life of every Christian.  We recently had a missions conference at our church and it was a great experience.  Using that as a spring board, I had written my lesson and at the end, I finished with an acronym that I wanted to share below.  While I wrote this  out myself, I am sure that credit goes to many other similar acronyms I have read and speakers I have heard over the years.  It is most likely a compilation of them all.  In any case, I was wanting something that helped keep me focus every day on what my calling is as a redeemed Child of the King!  I used the words, “PRAY DAILY”:

P Pray every day with focus on personal and spiritual matters.
R Read God’s Word every day expecting to get something out of it!
A Acknowledge all sin in your life and repent.
Y Yield to God’s calling on your life.

D Discern the situations around you in your daily interactions with people.
A Ask God for opportunities to share the Gospel.
I Invest in people! Look for opportunities to grow relationships.
L Love people as Christ would love them. Compassion and Mercy in every circumstance.
Y Yield to the leading of the Spirit! Be available to be used!

That’s it! It’s simple, but I’m a simple person! I hope it can help keep me focused and maybe it will be a blessing to others as well.

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