Unseen Hands

Yesterday, about 2:45 am I set out for Georgia from West Nebraska.  My family and I will be moving back to Georgia for jobs that my wife and I have been offered.  My entire trip was mapped out, planned, and all the details decided.  My family and I said our prayers, goodbyes, and shared hugs the night before and I was on my way early.  I travelled through the night without any issues, through long stretches of nothing and towns miles apart.  About 11:30 yesterday morning, while going through Kansas City, MO, I exited the interstate to get gas.  I noticed something that smelled like it was burning and then noticed smoke coming out from my driver side FRONT tire!  Sure enough, my front brakes had locked up on me.  My first reaction was helplessness.  Here I am in an enormous town compared to my 3,600 population back in Nebraska – who do I call?  My wife and I had discussed AAA just a couple of months earlier.  I pulled out my membership card and started the process.  With that initial work done, my focus then became one of anxiety quite honestly.  Why did I have to break down here????  I think I honestly had to get that question out to be able to appreciate the answer.  Why?  Because God ordained it!  I could have been stranded on the side of a road somewhere in the barren lands of Nebraska and Kansas at 4am, but God allowed me to make it to a safe place where help would be readily available.  God also allowed me to be stopped at a gas station and not going down the road at 65 mph while pulling my enclosed trailer.  For every anxious excuse I might have, God has an answer.  I am suppose to start my new job tomorrow, yet I am still over 17 hours away from home- but the friend I will be working for is a Christian who simply said to “drive safe and get here when you can”.

So, this morning I sit in a hotel room.  I am thankful for the unseen hands of God’s protection, His direction, His mercy, and His love.  I did find out that both REAR seals had blown out of the rear of my jeep.  Wow… and I just noticed smoke on the FRONT tire and never knew anything was wrong with the back.  The mechanic told me everything looked good on the front and that the brake had just temporarily locked up.  I’m not a mechanic, but I know my front from my back!  Had God used the temporary lock up to get my attention so that the rear issues could be found and repaired to prevent an accident later down the road?  All I know is that God is good – all the time.  Sure, I have spent quite a little fortune here in repairs, hotels, meals, etc. but I am safe.

Later this afternoon, I will hopefully, by God’s grace and providence, be able to get back on the road.  I don’t know what else is in store for me on this trip.  I have a LONG way still to go.  I do know that God is good – all the time.  We have a way of just uttering that without much thought as we go through life unaffected for weeks or months sometimes without major obstacles, worries, or financial problems.  Sometimes it takes a wrecker service, mechanic shop, and nice warm shower in the safety of a hotel room to allow us to experience that.  It is then up to us as to how we will realize and appreciate that thought in the coming days.  Thank you Lord, for your blessings and unseen hands at work in our lives.

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