New Seasons

Today I am a man without a job.  Not permanently- but it’s a weird feeling.  Yesterday was my last day at a job I have been blessed to have for the last 8 years.  I have met great people and had an excellent boss.  The Lord opened the doors for me to return with my family to my hometown of Southwest GA and a wonderful job opportunity there.  I will miss my family and friends here in Nebraska, but so look forward to new challenges that await back home.  Our life has gotten so hectic over the last year that I have been unable to really focus on my Biblical training or just life in general.  I look forward to new opportunities and returning to a church home where sound fundamental Bible preaching exists without the ever present ecumenical push by Pastors unwilling to stand strong on God’s Word and a clear cut plan of Salvation.  No – we are not all the same, No – we are not all in some pie in the sky church if we just “believe in God”, No – we are not all God’s children and just have different ways we come to Him.  My Bible plainly states by my Father that the ONLY way to Him is through His Son Jesus Christ and through the process of recognizing I am a sinner, asking for His forgiveness, turning from that sin, and asking His Son to be my Lord, Savior, and Propitiation for that sin and stand in my place!  It is not based on anything I have done, can do, or will do in the future to merit or to retain that Salvation.

As I see our Country continue to unravel and decline in moral and spiritual matters, I am saddened to know that we are most likely seeing a nation who is coming under judgment by a Holy God.  While it is so easy to get upset about Satan and his crowd ruining the spiritual fabric of this nation, I think we must realize that sadly much of this problem can be traced back to the spiritual cancer and decay within the walls of what once were fundamental Bible preaching and believing churches and institutions.  A revival of God’s people is greatly needed throughout the land if we would desire to once again see homes, churches, communities, and country following the old path and standing on God’s Word.  Until then, each one of us has the responsibility to do our part to lead our families in the way that pleases the Lord and seeks to fulfill His will in our own lives.

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