A Long Awaited Bike Trip

After a couple of years of waiting, my dad and I are finally able to take our father/son bike trip!  We had originally planned on going out to Laramie, WY but the weather pushed up to make some changes.  We decided to go up to Rapid City, SD and arrived here last night.  Our 6 hour trip turned out to be closer to 9 with the addition of lunch and scenery breaks but it was a great trip.  We went the back roads through the parks and passed through several small towns including Hot Springs, SD.  There are many beautiful towns here on the route and they have so many different things to do.  This morning, we are sitting in the hotel as the weather today is 50% chance of rain and in the 40’s for the high.  Tomorrow and Sunday’s forecasts are beautiful, so today will be a good day to rest and visit Cabelas next door!


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